One Doesn’t Simply Make Sexist Memes/Unless They’re Complete Jerks

Is that just me or there are more people around who find memes are the most popular form of normalizing sexism these days? Sure, many of you’re gonna drop the “F” bombs (F==Feminazi) or “S” bombs (S=Sensitivity) or Orange Supreme’s favorite “PC” bomb, of course, PC does not mean “Personal Computer” anymore!

Time to up your game Microsoft!

Anyway, let me save you the argument you sexist meme apologists are gonna make at first. Yes, meme is just another form of humor content. There are many areas to explore for this new form(mat?) and creators from every corner of the world are contributing with their own brand of humor with this meme. And like every form of humor-based content, this can get offensive to some extent, there is nothing wrong with it. If we can swallow Ryan Reynolds saying sexist stuff with the red deadpool suit on (does he say anything REAL sexist? Or it’s just the meme-artists put D-Pooly’s face with sexist words?) why can’t we take some good ol’ manly humor from that “I don’t always” dude?

Women arent right


Dang! I forgot to check my genitalia! But wait! If as a woman I’m “wrong” and I think I have female genitalia, DOES THAT MEAN I’VE GOT MALE DING DONGS?

Anyway, I get your point, you’re trying to say, when someone is playing with humor, it can sometimes get a little too far and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a part of creative process.

In all seriousness and sense of humor (was the phrasing right? I can’t even tell anymore!) I (pretend to) respect your opinions, but I believe memes are one of the latest big thing that is normalizing sexism for us.


1. You encounter these almost everyday, MULTIPLE TIMES, whenever you’re browsing your home pages on social network platforms

2. It is generally perceived as a “harmless” humor content

3. It’s “trendy” and we are often slave of the “trends” and therefore lose our ability to be rational and cross the line

(and more)

Let’s just get visual for a change. Like what harm can some “funny” texts on pictures do anyway?

Since I’m a woman of STEM field, let’s just start with the “humor” that’s milked straight from women’s hand. Well, their ability to “handle” technology.

tech sexist meme

I’m sure, you’ve seen memes like these almost everywhere. Especially in home page because some of your “friends” already “liked” those and the notification just popped on your homepage. And you found it “not so uncool” too, and clicked the “like” button. It appeared to your other friend’s home page and they followed the suit.

But wait! Are you fucking serious?

People forget how to catch a break when it comes to belittling women in the field of STEM. My ladies in Scientista foundation, Stemettes, GirlsWhoCode and STEMFem have enough resources to shut you asshats down so I won’t even bother. You fucking goldfish memory people (or probably plain ignorant bozos), do you even know why some women are still a little concerned when they handle new technology? Because your fucking patriarchy did their best to keep them away from technology. However, that didn’t work, did it? Despite all the constraints, the wage gaps, the classroom sexism, the workplace sexism, the lack of cooperation from family- still women are not quitting and leaving their marks of success in that field. Next time you post another sexist meme about women in STEM, remember this lady. None of your dick jerking male buddies could top this lady’s success as a scientist who won Nobel prizes IN DIFFERENT FIELDS OF SCIENCE.

marie curie

But the harsh truth is, a meme like this one won’t get as much likes, shares and “reacts” as that sexist one did. Controversy and insults circulate better than true, empowering facts. And this clearly helps people who are yet to grow a value to navigate their stance. Those sexist memes would make that 7 years old brother/son/nephew of yours, who peeks behind you when you’re on phone browsing fayboo to think that women can’t do shit when it comes to technology. He’s likely to “mansplain” how the “computer scanning” works during computer class to a girl. If the girl is as sassy as I was as a 7 years old, he’ll be lucky and get an earful, which will be beneficial for him in future. But if that girl is a little nervous and probably has seen memes like this or in general, like most girls are, was raised with the value that, “girls are no match for technology”, would think she indeed is no match for technology.

(People can get rather creative when it comes to being a fucking sexist)

Goodness! Even writing about these “meme sexism” normalization in the field of STEM drives me crazy! RAWRRRR!

Speaking of DRIVING! (Dang! That was a great segway! (or segue?) Good job, me!) How many of you have seen this meme for the first time in your life? (I know only a few people read my blogs, but I can tell, this is a very fvcking common meme!)


Ohh! Poor man! Your lady can’t drive? She wrecks every single car? She doesn’t know how to fix the simplest problem with car? Of course that’s one thing to make fun of! Unless you remember that you’re just the same, but you can’t even realize because your fucking ego was always boosted by your surroundings because just because you have a certain type of genitalia, it immediately makes you a better person when it comes to handling automobiles. The sad truth is, some women, like I said when it comes to STEM, are doubtful about their driving skill only because they grew up learning that women are supposed to be “bad” at driving. But if you ignore that, women are just as good at driving as men! And when it comes to “fixing the problem”, I’ve seen enough men to mess with their car with “confidence”. Sometimes they get lucky, but in many cases they are as clueless AF, while only women are butt of this kind of “humor” when it comes to dealing with car problems. Yes, there are more women than your sexist pig brains can think, who can fix the automobile problems themselves or know what the auto-mechanics are doing.

Fuck off! Fix your patriarchy bullshit and then make fun of women who drive! You still think sexist memes are funny? Those are like pelting women virtually with real darts. Darts are game accessories after all, but those are sharp, does sting and can actually be harmful. Try to find humor in things that are actually funny. Like your lack of intellect!

Let me just get you another form of “humor” where murder is normalized as something funny, because “women should have shut the fuck up”! These people are no different from those tiki torch bearing racists or journalist slaying ISIS terrorists!

normalizing sexist murder

DON’T EVEN DARE SAYING “That’s the format of demotivator memes. It’s supposed to be ironic, sad, and offensive” This meme is far away from humor, it’s not even just sexist. IT’S PURE CRIMINAL INTENTION. And the intention is normalized in the lieu of a “format” of internet humor.

I can keep on ranting about memes forever, but will that matter? I don’t know. Today I found some parents discussing on a twitter thread what are the possible sources that influence kids to indulge in sexist behavior. I have some hope that people are starting to realize that THIS IS WRONG. Sexist values are wrong. So is normalization of sexism in any form. Does this benefit these meme making asshats anyway in the end? Other than getting some reactions and equally sexist stupid ass ego boosting comments by fellow asshats, this memes get them nothing. Maybe a few of them become “sensations” for a while, but hey, there’s always a new “sensation”. In the end these sexist pigs find themselves only with fellow sexist pigs and get stuck in an infinite loop of garbage ( probably along with causing occasional abuses on other people). These people don’t even know how to “get a life”.

No, I don’t feel “sorry” for these sexism “normalizers”. I just want their remaining intellect (if any) to dry up and them to be completely institutionalized. HAH!


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