Chronicles of a DROOL/I am (supposedly) mad at Youtube Red (wow)!

Warning: Too many indented parentheses and random references involved. Don’t read if you’re allergic to those. 

So, it’s proven that when I’m not really charged up, I can only bring myself to writing when I’m too scared, too enraged or too sad (or probably getting paid (like I do in my day job (where I must write shits I don’t give a flying fvck about!))).

That must give away a hint why I’m writing today. I’m either scared, enraged, sad or got paid really big bucks to write about something I don’t care. Well, I’m recovering from a weird pang of guilt ridden sadness. With a lots of hand biting involved. (Someone please take me here (yay! procrastination alert!))

So what caused all that magic?

A poorly written facebook comment for the win! I have been wondering, why the premium service of Youtube (aka Youtube Red) is available in only a few countries and even purchasing the contents from google play wasn’t a very widespread option. The questions actually started gnawing me since Rhett and Link announced their scripted show will be available in Youtube Red. Since I live under a rock, where neither Youtube Red or purchasing Google play contents aren’t an option, I voiced my thought, will there be an alternative to these two means. AND I MADE THE MISTAKE THERE.

I asked if there will be any ALTERNATIVE ACCESS to their work other than those two ways.

Filthy squeaky squib! (yes, that’s me (though pottermore told me I’m a Gryffindor))

Because that statement can easily be taken as me being someone who hates the fact they are making their work available in premium facility.  And it happened. And two of my most favorite youtubers responded to my query as they should have.

They have a reason. The hard work and investments put into a scripted show of that standard can’t be arranged by only Youtube partnership earning. It takes more than that! So, when they asked me to stop being the drool, they were right.

I don’t know whether being called out by two of the people I’m inspired to exercise my creativity and have faith in it or the feeling of sheer stupidity of asking them a question that isn’t actually relevant to them caused this nauseating sadness in my head, but it’s not alleviating, or will anytime soon.

Well, yes, I shouldn’t have asked them this question. This question should be directed to the Google or Youtube authorities. Why aren’t premium services available in most of the countries in our sweet little blue-green-brown planet?

I know there are way bigger issues to resolve. People are in mortal danger in many places on earth at this moment. And here I am, a moronic squib from a third world country is whining about the unavailability of premium services! The rest of the world have every right to judge my rant. But I’m a squib, I don’t have any sense of shame or anything. So I’ll just put it here for your amusing activity of judging.

Does being born in a country that is falling behind in development and and has weird border laws, comes with gifts like not being able to access and support the people we care about? Maybe it does according to the reality.


Come on Google! You are letting the good content makers to air their incredible works in your premium facilities, YAYYY! But a premium facility that is accessible from only 98 countries? Now that’s a bummer.

Yes, there are lots of political and legal bindings are involved. But isn’t it 21st century? Aren’t we supposed to slay these Jabberwocky-like constraints with vorpal sword of global equality (is that even a term?).

I guess I’m ranting like a four years old, who just broke her hot wheels and blaming the floor where it broke. I’m mad at myself and trying to blame others.

But man, it’s Google! If I can have faith in anyone who can bring things to common people’s reach that were previously claimed by snobbish circles, it’s Google.
They made Android happen!

I believe they can make premium content available anyone for the world who are willing to pay for it!


Please say you can bring humans together from all corners of the planet in appreciating the effort of creating art! IN SUPPORTING CREATIVITY!

And I might be wrong and kinda biased and loony since I’m still a guilt ridden shameless squib, but I think unavailability causes piracy and other illegal harms to intellectual property. I know it because I live in a country where piracy used to be a cruel and sad reality. For example, in nineties and early to mid-2000s, big budget hollywood movies were pirated and cam-rip DVDs were sold in streets. Then when cineplexes started offering those movies, a big chunk of people started going to watch the movies. Youngsters and adults started including movie tickets in their budgets. Watching blockbusters in cineplexes together has become a regular practice. Black market DVDs don’t entice majority anymore. Even the people who would torrent the movies, would go to theaters or cineplexes to watch it in big screen. Availability is the key man! If the original content is available for purchasing in just price, majority of people will prefer that to poor quality pirated contents.

I’m leaving my thoughts for the consumption of universe. I hope someday the world would unite to support artists and make their works accessible to whomever may want to purchase. Because, without art, inspirations will run out. Creativity will halt. Science would not progress. And we might find zombies emerging from gas stations.



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